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101 Pet Vet is a family-style animal hospital and welcomes both emergency treatment cases as well as pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care. Dr. Chris Spence has years of experience treating serious conditions and offering regular pet wellness care. We offer practical veterinary care for pet parents.

At 101 Pet Vet, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Our Story

At 101 Pet Vet we know pet parents want to do everything they can to help their pets live their best lives.  Many pet owners miss common indicators of life-threatening illnesses. 101 Pet Vet can support you by providing practical veterinary care that ensure your pets best health. Dr. Spence will evaluate your pets health and start a plan for wellness that fits your family.  Prevent your pet from being a "silent suffer-er" and prolong their life. 

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive, high-quality veterinary care with an emphasis on exceptional client service and patient care, while providing employees with desirable, fulfilling, and financially rewarding employment. 

Contact our animal hospital and we'll deliver practical veterinary care.

Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Kassandra Rosales
    Veterinary Assistant

    Kassandra graduated from Charter College Veterinary Assistant Program in 2016.

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  • Dr.
    Chris Spence
    Owner of 101 Pet Vet

    Dr. Spence graduated from Ross University of Veterinary Medicine in 2009.

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  • Kristi Biggs
    Practice Manager

    Kristi has been part of our team at 101 Pet Vet, formerly Bristol Animal Hospital, since 2005.

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  • Sandy Skouras
    Registered Veterinary Technician
    Sandy is a registered veterinary technician. She received her degree in veterinary science from Pierce College.
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  • Lacie Alarid
    Assistant Manager

    Lacie has been in the Veterinary field for approx. 10 years. Her background involves veterinary assisting at emergency hospitals, and general practice hospitals.

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  • Jocelyn Puentes
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jocelyn graduated from Charter College Veterinary Assistant Program in 2016.

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  • Miranda Macedo
    Veterinary Administrator

    Miranda Macedo joined the 101 Pet Vet Team in July of 2020.  

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  • Suzanne Nunes
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Suzanne joined the 101 Pet Vet team in June of 2020. 

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  • Amy Spence
    Veterinary Administrator

    Dr. Spence's wife Amy, graduated from Cal Poly with a Bachelor's in Animal Science. 

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Feedback from our clients

  • ""Our 7 month old Doberman was coughing up food and blood. The vet we normally would take him to wasn't concerned and made an appointment for the next day. We were worried as he was lethargic and not eating as well. We called Bristol and they took him immediately. Dr Spence called me during the exam and went over EVERYTHING it could be. He wanted to try simple things first to not charge us a lot. The X-ray was clear so dr gave him some shots and meds to take home. The next day as dr though"
    Rich V.
  • ""They saved my Baby! I originally had taken my kitten elsewhere and they told me to put him down and that he had no chance, But when I took him to Bristol and Dr. Spence saved him! Thank you so much for saving my baby you guys are awesome! will only bring him here from now on! Thank you so much!.""
    Amber Gua
  • ""Can't say enough on what a brilliant surgeon Dr. Spence is. he is a genius. I will never go anywhere else. wish I took all my past babies to him.""
    Tina Guajardo
  • ""We found ourselves in a pickle with our dog Clyde whom had a very large lipoma. With costs for surgery through the roof we decided as a family to get other quotes. ... I got to say their professional demeanor and thoughtfulness of our situation was top noch. Staff and MD gave me and family all information, expectations, and possibles of what can happen..very thorough I might say. And on top of it all saved us hundreds from nearest quote. Happy to say our dog Clyde is happy and no longer carryin"
    Richardo G.
  • ""Had a long, tough road with my beloved cat here as he had oral cancer. Dr. Spence and staff were completely amazing and supportive the whole way. When we had to put down my most beloved cat they were so sensitive and supportive and gentle with us and I got to hold my cat the whole time. Thanks for all your help in a tough time. Highly recommended.""
    Kelly L